Privacy Policy

When you install the app, only the necessary data is being collected, so the app can work:

  • The item information that you've typed when using /marketplace add [what you have typed here]
  • To keep things unique, the date stamp is added when /marketplace add is used.
  • The username is only used to mention you on the automated message sent to the Slack channel, it's NOT saved on Marketplace for Slack servers.
  • The data is updated when you mark an item as sold using /marketplace sold [what you have typed before] so we don't show your unavailable item when a coworker makes a search
  • The captured data is preserved for 10 years, or until deletion is requested. See below how to request to delete data.
  • Personal data is retained by our service for 10 years, or until deletion requested.

That's pretty much it, let's cover the rest:

  • Nothing recorded when you search using /marketplace search [anything you search for]
  • No personal information as name, profile photo etc is captured at all

If you prefer to get all your data deleted, please send an email to Marketplace Support at buysell@marketplaceforslack.com and type "Destroy My Marketplace for Slack Data" on the subject line, and please inlcude your Slack username on the body of the email. In order to delete all data for a company, you need to be the Slack Admin where you have the ability to delete the applications.

Visit Marketplace Support or send an email to buysell@marketplaceforslack.com